The value of the organization

  1. National Unity and Coexistence

We believe that oral history process contributes to promoting a culture of dialogue and consolidating a national unity and coexistence by writing the Syrian history with Syrian hands.


  1. Holy sites and symbols

We respect all holy sites, and believers, and appreciate their symbols which reflect the diversity and multicultural nature of the Syrian community.


  1. High moral values

We are committed to the noble moral values that characterize our behavior and direct our work and those which reflect a strong opinion, a sincere position, and an honest word by adopting the principles of honesty and integrity in our work.


  1. Freedom of speech and expression and respecting others’ opinion.

We are adopting a sound scientific methodology that respects freedom of speech and expression and encourages a dialogue among cultures and civilizations.


  1. Just humanitarian issues

We adopt just and rightful humanitarian and life issues, and commit ourselves to documenting and preserving them, and publishing them in order to reach the truth.


  1. Preservation of cultural and intellectual heritage

We believe that our cultural heritage is a part of the intellectual repertoire necessary to build the present. We also consider that creating a harmony with our heritage, traditions and habits according to the proper scientific methodology paves the way towards a flourishing and promising future.

  1. Commitment to public order


We consider that applying laws, and following general regulations related to good public order is the way to develop both citizens and societies and serve their interests.


Professional values:


  1. The significance of oral history

We believe that oral history is a cultural and national necessity and an effective way for preserving national memory and confronting soft war. The lack of such methodology would deprive the nation of an important part of its history and memory.


  1. Our professional performance

We believe in professional values derived from contemporary administrative concepts as an intellectual and cultural framework, and we commit ourselves to coordination, cooperation, integration and mutual respect in our professional performance.


  1. Volunteering and teamwork spirit

We believe that volunteering is the way to serve the community, and the success of work is linked to the spirit and harmony of the team and is the reason for achieving the common vision, specific goals and development for the society and its members.


  1. Effective partnership

We believe in cooperation and coordination with the various local, regional and international bodies that are relevant to our work as a means for sustainable development. We also consider experience and expertise a professional must.


  1. Total quality.

We are committed to the concept of high quality as a fundamental pillar of our work to reach the levels of pioneering and leadership, and pay our utmost attention to the standards of total quality in managing our activities.


  1. Sustainable and persistent development.

We believe that the effective investment of human wealth is one of the cornerstones of continuous development and an entry point for sustainable development.