A New Training Session by Wathiqat Wattan

A New Training Session by Wathiqat Wattan
A New Training Session by Wathiqat Wattan

On 24th of April 2019, Wathiqat Wattan organized a training session on oral history to a group of volunteers, from many Governorates. The session lasted for 5 hours.

The manager of projects at Wathiqat Wattan, Mousa Alkoury, explained the concept of oral history to the new volunteers due to its relative modernity within the Syrian context.

The researcher Mouhammad Issa clarified the main rules followed while selecting the audio or video equipments and the necessary kit for the researcher in oral history such as laptops and scanners. He also emphasized the importance of following the standard criteria concerning all audio or video recordings.

The director of the sub-project “Women in Wartime”, Dr. Nermeen Al Nafra distinguished between the different types of interviews and elaborated on the main points that are necessary when preparing for an interview, such as conducting an introductory session to better know the interviewee and his/her background and introduces Wathiqat Wattan as an independent research institution.

Mr. Mousa Al-Khoury concluded the training session by providing a summary of the literature of oral history and the way to conduct research in oral history.


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