Wathiqat Wattan Organization holds a workshop in oral history for some candidates from Al-Qunaytra cultural center.

This training lasted for two days and included many lectures on different topics. During the first lecture, the manager of the projects at the organization, Mr. Mousa al Khoury, explained the importance of oral history and preparing and managing interviews in order to obtain testimonies to be documented within the framework of the current project: War on Syrian, with the purpose of sparing the future generations similar experiences.

Dr. Nermeen Al Nafra, the director of the “Woman in War” sub-project, spoke about the significance of building a bond of trust between the interviewer and the interviewee, and explained the role of the method of interviews in opening new research horizons.

During the second day, the researcher Najwa Al Haffar gave a presentation about how to manage an interview and the contextual factors needed to conduct it. She also stressed the importance of preparing the interviewer for the interview through an introductory session.
In his turn, the researcher, Muhammad Issa, presented the tools and equipments needed for the interview and main rules that have to be followed within the organization.

During the lectures, many questions and ideas were raised about the significance of preserving the oral document according to the research methodology followed at the organization.

Finally, Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban met the trainees and emphasized the importance of documenting the war on Syria in a transparency way so that we preserve a living memory for the future generations which documents the war by those how suffered its consequences using a narrative approach.



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