Wathiqat Wattan Organizes a Workshop for The Managers of Cultural Centers

Wathiqat Wattan organization holds a workshop for the managers of cultural centers in many Governorates. The aim of the workshop was to activate the Memorandum of Understanding which was signed between the Ministry of Culture and Wathiqat Wattan Organization and set an executive plan to start the documentation project “War on Syria” in the different Syrian governorates.

Following a speech given by the Assistant of the Minister of Culture, Tawfik AL Emam, introducing the managers of the cultural centers in the governorates, Dr. Bouthaina Shabaan, the chairwoman of the board of trustees, presented the concept and aims of WWO, stressing the importance of oral history projects to document the national memory and Syrian identity.

Dr. Bouthaina clarified the significance of participating in the documentation project “War on Syria” which aims at writing our own history and spreading a culture of oral history that can be integrated in educational curricula.

After that, the manager of documentation projects at Wathiqat Wattan Organization, Mr. Mousa Al Khoury, clarified the vision and mission of WWO and the projects that are currently running at the organization. He explained the methodology followed in the interviews and how these interviews represent the humanitarian suffering caused by the war rather than merely stating a chronological series of historical events or viewpoints.
Dr. Nermeen Al Nafra, the director of the “woman in war” project, explained in details the research methodology followed in preparing for and conducting the interviews and emphasized the importance of building a bond of trust between the interviewer and witness, clarifying the difference between oral history interviews and those carried out by journalists.

In the afternoon session, the executive plan of cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Wathiqat Wattan Organization and its schedule were discussed in order to start training volunteers and documenting testimonies.





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