In Cooperation with The Ministry of Culture, Wathiqat Wattan Organization Holds a Cermony to Sign the Late Afif ALbahnassi’s Book

Dr.Afif Albahnassi Cermony
Dr.Afif Albahnassi Cermony

At 6:00 p.m. in the evening of 21/11/2018 and in the annual memorial of Dr. Afif El-Behnassi, the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with Wathiqat Wattan Organization held a ceremony to remember Dr. El-Behnassi and sign the book entitled “memoires of Afif Al Bahnassi”. The book was issued by Wathiqat Wattan and the memorial ceremony took place at Al-Assad Library in Damascus.

First an art gallery containing many of El-Behnassi’s paintings, which he produced while struggling with his illness during the last two years, were inaugurated. This was followed by holding a minute’s silence to remember the Syrian martyrs and reciting the Syrian Arab anthem.

On behalf of Afif’s friends Dr. Ali Al Qayem gave a speech about Afif’s work ethics and personal morals.

Following that, a documentary prepared by Yola, Afif’s daughter, was played, which demonstrated her father’s achievements including the museums and art gallery he participated in and the hundreds of research papers and studies that enriched the Arabic library in the domains of arts, architecture and history.

His son “Anas Al Bahnassi” recited a piece of poetry stating the way his father affected his life. Furthermore, on behalf of his siblings, his other son, Eyad, displayed the most important stations in his father’s life until his death. According to him, his father spent his lifetime, 89 years, working relentlessly.

The writer of the book “memoires of Afif al Bahnasi”, Saad al Kasem, talked about the interviews he conducted with the late Afif Al Bahnasi to complete the book. After that, the manager of Al-Assad library, Eyad Murshed, spoke about how the late Afif donated his own library to Al-Assad national library.
On behalf of Dr.Bouthaina Shaaban, the chairwoman of the board trustees of Wathiqat Wattan Organization, Mr. Mousa Al Khoury reiterated the vision of the organization in documenting the memory of people who gave the best of the their achievements to their country so that it will be preserved as a document for future generations.
At the end of this ceremony, the book “memoires of Afif Al Bahnasi” was signed, and it is the first of its kind to be published by Wathiqat Wattan Organization which narrates the most important events in Afif’s personal life and work, as well as memories about his achievements from Syrian history.

It is worth noting that this ceremony was attended by the minister of tourism, Besher al Yazaji, and the deputy minister of culture, Ali Mbayed, as well as the heads of many media organization, writers and intellectuals


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