From our Interviews: Part 2

The word ‘war’ cannot express enough the pain, bloodshed, suffering and destruction that Syrian people had the endure in the past few years. Talking to “Wathiqat Wattan” about his own experience during the war, a soldier from the Arab Syrian army described how he used to check on his mates after each battle, saying, while trying to suppress the tears in his eyes, that on many occasions “the soldier would just vanish like that and die into my arms”
He spoke broadly and bravely about his injury only to burst into tears when he described the way his mates got injured. Despite many failed trials to collect himself together, he fell apart and burst into crying again.

He then resumed “I witnessed the massacre that happened in the countryside of Lattakia and saw the girl that was hiding in order to avoid getting slaughtered and got insane after watching her entire family getting slaughtered in front of her eyes. I also came across a young man who hid in one of the hills, worried about getting killed by the armed group who invaded his village, and managed to survive by eating tree leaves for two days before we saved him”

The war that swept many Syrian villages and cities lasted sometimes for a few days while in others it took years, causing the martyrdom of many people so that the home country would live and future generations might prosper


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