Our Interviews :Part One

Our Interviews :Part One
Our Interviews :Part One

The war on Syria has not only caused a lot of bloodshed but also led to brainwashing many young people, which were evident in a number of battles that took place between the Syrian Army and countless armed groups.

A soldier from the Syrian Army told Wathiqat Wattan in an interview about his conversations on social media with a terrorist saying:

“We were located on two neighboring hills and we used to chat via one of the social media programs and discuss many topics. After a while this guy who belonged to a terrorist group started to warn me of any possible attacks targeting my group and check if I am ok after each battle!”

However, in spite of all this, the guy could not get over his fear and take a decision to come and join us worrying about what might happen to him and his family in case his leaders found out about any of this, according to the Syrian army soldier


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