Bearing up with hunger to live longer … The food is sent by plans but we cannot collect it!

Bearing up with hunger
Bearing up with hunger

After she was asked when she got married, the woman answered “I got have married in 2011” but then she corrected herself later recognizing that she made a mistake by saying “My eldest son was born in 2006, which means that I got married in 2005.”

She apologized about that stating “this weakness in my memory is due to the lack of food”
Mentioning food made her remember her suffering from the lack of food during the blockade time in her little village, so she resumed saying “The planes threw bags of food supplies for us, but we abstained from collecting them as we were afraid that they might fall on one of us causing our death.”

She added “Once my neighbor’s son broke his hand after a bag of wheat fell on him, so I was afraid of sending any of my children or my husband to collect the supplies because even if we were hungry, we could survive hunger and that is better than dying.”

(This was a glimpse from one of the interviews of oral history conducted by Wathiqat Wattan Organsiation with a woman, who was one of the final group who left the besieged village of Al Foua, this dialogue was held on 15/8/2018)


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