It Took Them a Lifetime to Build a House … But Ended up at a Refugee Centre!

Build a House
Build a House

She spoke confidently and spontaneously as if she did not live the war. Despite the aftermath of the war that she survived, there was no trembling in her voice.

She was a resourceful woman who dedicated her life to get a house, moving from a city to another and caring about nothing but building a house to accommodate her family.

As soon as her dreams came true and the house was built, the war started, she and her family were evacuated and everything she built was destroyed. Thus after all her efforts, she ended up in a tiny place at a refugee center where there is no space for each one of her family.

Moreover, she does not have sufficient money to rebuild her destroyed house that is located close by the refugee center where she had to reside right now.

This was a glimpse from one of the interviews of oral history conducted by Wathiqat Wattan Organsiation with a woman from Reif Damascus


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