Oral History and the Interference of Concepts……Some Shed Lighting is Needed

interference of concepts
interference of concepts

The concept of oral history is maybe similar to other concepts, which led to some ambiguity about this term that is in desperate need to clarify by distinguishing these concepts which are similar in appearance and different in nature.

Research and history

One of the differentiation that should be made is between qualitative research and oral history, these two concepts are often intertwined or met, it has to be said that qualitative investigation does not simulate the human personal memory like it does in oral history which inspect the precise details of every event occurred in the past.

For example: it is possible to make a qualitative research about industry in Aleppo city during war by examining the events that occurred in that time, however oral history requires more research in the memory of economists or industrialists or craftsmen about the historical periods they witnessed and which the industry had been through.

History and biography

Also one of the concepts that make the oral history ambiguous in its interference with biography concept, especially that writing biography in Arabic society includes many obstacles that drifted it from objectivity which could repels the reader. As for oral history, it is a dialogue that could not pass the role of the interlocutor, this is distinguished from the monologue in the biography.

In return writing biography is also important but it needs more objectivity in the Arab world so it can rise to a higher level of documentation.


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