Safe from Danger but Not Hunger

Safe from Danger but Not Hunger
Safe from Danger but Not Hunger

Sticking to her house seeking a refuge from the bombs and shells with her children, starvation was the mother’s big worry. Therefore, her oldest son volunteered to go out to bring some milk to the youngers.

A little while after leaving the house, she heard a strong knock on the front door and one of her neighbors was shouting: ‘I heard that the shelling is about to begin, run with us to the shelter”

The mother said: “I was about to lose it. I couldn’t stay in. I went out in a hurry and started running in the street. In a narrow alley, I came across my son but as I was so scared I couldn’t see him. He was screaming and I was calling out his name until he heard me in the mid of chaos of bombing. We hugged and went home. We were still hungry but safe from danger”

This was a glimpse from one of the interviews of oral history conducted by Wathiqat Wattan Organsiation with a woman from Al Foua, the besieged town by terrorists in Edlib, 15\8\2018.



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