”The Mother of Rebels”… A different Sort of Pain


A woman talks to Wathiqat Wattan about the pain she suffered in the city of Douma near Damascus.

Trying to collect her thoughts and memories, she started crying and the desire to retaliate was getting clearer on her face. After a little pause where she seemed to have brought up a harsh memory, the woman said “I wish her dead”. She continued “she was called the mother of rebels. This women slaughtered all the army soldiers she had found and tortured the women she had captured.”

She added “she forced me to lie back on one of the couches, tied my feet to it and began to electrify me. I was screaming and asking for help but all was in vain. It seemed that my pain was giving her pleasure!”

According to this woman, the reason for calling her “the mother of rebels” was because of the support she was giving to the terrorist by kidnapping soldiers from the Syrian army and handing them over to the armed groups.

She went on saying “they would put the Syrian army soldiers in ‘the chopper’, after abducting them. The mother of the rebels would send them to ‘the chopper’ to face what is harder than death”

The moments she had endured in the city of Douma under the control of these armed groups made her loose her sense of time when only pain counts


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