Dr. Talal Abou Ghazala Visits Wathiqat Wattan Organization

Talal Abou Ghazala
Talal Abou Ghazala

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the chairwomen of the trustees’ board of Wathiqat Wattan organization, met with Dr. Talal Abou Ghazala, the founder of Abou Ghazala International Group, at the organization headquarters. The meeting was attended by a group of engineers and staff from Abou Ghazala international group and Wathiqat Wattan organization.

Dr. Abou Ghazala reviewed the reality of work at the organization and displayed the set of projects that Abou Ghazala Group is working on and which can be of interest to Wathiqat-wattan especially the book specialized in teaching Arabic language.

Dr. Abou Ghazala talked about the importance of emphasizing Syria’s victory as being the smallest country to face terrorism. He also stressed the significance of the organization’s mission in documenting the war on Syria scientifically, systematically and humanly.
Dr. Shaaban pointed out that documenting people’s testimonies is a victory over terrorism itself, assuring the accuracy of the documentation process.

The meeting was concluded by an agreement of collaboration and coordination in many areas with an emphasis on the victory of Syria over extremism and its repercussions on humanity.


Talal Abou Ghazala
Talal Abou Ghazala


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