Wathiqat Wattan Organization Prepares to Launch its First Project: Documenting the War on Syria

Documenting the War on Syria
Documenting the War on Syria

The chairperson of the board of trustees at Wathiqat Wattan organization, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, who visited Ahl Alsham association, announced the launch of its first project “Documenting the War on Syria- Women in wartime”.

During this visit, Dr. Shaaban met a number of women who were affected financially and morally by the war as a consequence of losing relatives.

Dr. Shaaban introduced the objectives of Wathiqat Wattan organization, stressing that the main aim of the organization is to document people’s experiences in the war so that the everyone all over the world can see the solidarity in the Syrian society during wartime, pointing out that documenting the war on Syria is a long and difficult process.


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