For Not Forgetting Women in Wartime, Wathiqat Wattan Organization Launches its First Documentary Project

women's demands
women's demands

Wathiqat Wattan organization had started the project of documenting the war on Syria (women in wartime) through a number of interviews, held in the orphanage of Sayed Quraish, with a number of women from various Syrian regions.

The interviews were carried out by Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the chairperson of the board of trustees at the Wathiqat Wattan organization. In these interviews, Dr. Bouthaina focused on a number of topics including prewar period and the different social, economic and humanitarian aspects of everyday life before and during the war, and the changes in women’s lives as a result of the war.

Dr. Shaaban referred to the need to highlight women’s demands during this period in order to form a perception of the reality of post-war life so that decision-makers keep informed about the current situation and consider the necessary actions for social reformation and sparing Syria another war.

The interviewees belonged to different areas in Syria, such as Jibadeed, khasoula and Al-Barda, and some of them were accompanied by the directors of local welfare associations.
The aim of this project by Wathiqat Wattan organization is to document the history of the war on Syria from women’s perspectives, suffering, steadfastness and sacrifices.


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