Wathiqat Wattan Organization Publishes a Book Entitled “Memoirs of Afif Al-Behansi”

Afif al-Behansi
Afif al-Behansi


A book entitled “Memoirs of Afif al-Behansi” was published by Wathiqat Wattan organization as a part of the process of orally documenting the experiences of public intellectuals.

This book is collection of recorded interviews with Dr. Bahnasi which were carried out by Mr. Saad Al-Qasim in February, March, April, and May 2017. The number of hours in these interviews reached 20, and the book contained a number of documents and testimonies of other contemporary witnesses which were used to supplement the data collected form the interviews.

Al-Bahnasi says in the book

“I stick to the term ‘Wathiqat Wattan’, because we have discovered from the document ‘wathiqat’ what cannot be refuted. Therefore, my conversation which was recorded with Mr. Saad Al-Qasim is a testimony of a witness who did, worked, and contributed to redrawing the document of this homeland … Syria.

During the interview, I mentioned briefly that the era I witnessed was volatile, very changeable and very transformative. I lived in an area in Damascus where there was no water and no electricity, so I wanted to describe how I myself passed through a time which is changing extraordinarily. This also confirms that Wathiqat Wattan organization is really willing to record the way this transformation has taken place. ”

It is noteworthy that Dr. Afif Albhansi died at the age of 89, on 2 November 2017, just a few months before finishing this book.

The book consists of 266 pages and is the first in a series of books documenting the experiences of public intellectuals and published Wathiqat Wattan. It is also worth noting that this book includes many photographs that the late Afif al-Behansi offered from his own archive.


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