Wathiqat Wattan publishes a book entitled “The Documents of the Sykes-Picot Agreements”

Sykes' and Pico's correspondences
Sykes' and Pico's correspondences

For the first time, Sykes’ and Pico’s correspondences are in the hands of Arab readers with the purpose of provoking a debate and a dialogue, as well as raising an awareness to the Western disregard of our Arab countries. This would also help provoke Arabs who are keen to review those parts of our history that are as problematic and dangerous as the disastrous events that have been affecting our Arab countries for a century and a half. The recent wars on Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen have proved that enemies will not settle for less than destructing our Arab identity and unity. Therefore, we consider this battle crucial and thus requires employing all historical and cultural tools which are necessary to rewrite our real history and work on solid national foundations in a way that serves the supreme Arab interests.

It is noteworthy that the book, which consists of 132 pages, was published in 2017.


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