Oral Documentation of the Syrian Church Heritage

Syrian Church
Syrian Church

Syrian churches have a genuine cultural role in the history of the region and the world. Its documentation is a preservation of human heritage, and a way to highlight and enhance the harmonious Syrian identity despite its diversity

The project is based on the documentation of the church heritage whether it is material (architecture, contents, manuscripts, etc.) and non-material (oral).

The number of places where church services are still held is about 300 including churches, monasteries and patriarchates, as well as hundreds of archaeological churches that can be documented by researchers and archives of archaeological missions.

The project extends geographically to include neighboring areas such as Antioch, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.

The documentation of this rich and extensive heritage needs to be carried out in accordance with a coherent methodology in order to produce scientifically credible results that can be universally recognized.

The Fields to work on

Oral documentation of contemporary rituals, social traditions, knowledge and practices in churches in view of life and the universe within the ecclesiastical framework

All material documents and heritage contents contained in the church.

Architecture and ecclesiastical art and associated tradition, crafts, creations and buildings.

Documentation of ancient churches, references and studies conducted bout them, including drawings, maps, pictures and documents that can be collected.

The Objectives of this Project

Building an audiovisual archive and a database of Syrian ecclesiastical heritage and publishing it on the Syrian Oral History Portal of wathiqat wattan

Publishing booklets on the churches, which includes a summary of the process of documentation and the history of the church, as well as a number of books and references on the Syrian church heritage both in ancient and contemporary ages.



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