Women in Wartime on Syria

The project of documenting the experience of Syrian women during wartime is a part of a broader Syrian project to document the war on Syria.

In wartime, Syrian women have suffered much more than during peacetime and, despite their great suffering and major difficulties, they have contributed to maintaining the balance of the Syrian society through their presence in various fields of work, thought and creativity.

The Wathiqat wattan organization works to document Syrian women’s lives from different social, cultural, political, economic, professional and educational aspects.

This documenting of Syrian women’s experiences includes a number of aspects: women working in public and private sectors, women affected and injured by the war, as well as displaced women who have been forced to leave Syria.

The project will also include an account of the martyrs’, parents’, sisters’ and daughters’ tragic experiences, and women’s involvement in community work, whether it was in civil associations, the Directorate of Labor and Affairs, or the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

This project, which is operated by a the Wathiqat Watan, aims to preserve the memory of women who witnessed the war on Syria, and write the history of this stage from their point of view, and maintain these historical documents for future generations.



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